Things to Remember – First Two Months

Xander’s first smile was around 5 weeks! But around 7 weeks is when he just couldn’t stop smiling. There are no words to describe that first smile. Especially when you know you are the reasoning behind it! (Instead of peeing in ones diaper or gas ha!)

At 7 weeks he slept in his crib for the first time. Prior to this he slept on an incline in a rocker beside our bed. He has been a stomach sleeper from 7 weeks on and has slept much better. His moro reflex was intense when he slept flat on his back which constantly kept him awake.

At 8 weeks, he has perfected putting his hands and anything he can now grab right into his mouth.

His first official full blown giggle was around 8 weeks and it was with Keith. I TOTALLY MISSED IT. He was on the changing table and Keith was making silly noises, simply having fun and I heard laughter from the other room. Amazing. Around the same time he has started to coo and talk while trying to copy mouth shapes. His eyes will literally be gazed upon your lips as he tries to figure it out.

Xander absolutely LOVES music. He will zone out and/or he will get very still and his eyes will shift around as if he can see the notes float in the air!

2 month checkup: 11lbs 11oz, 22 inches long. He had his shots too. He screamed bloody murder. His face turned red. I cried with him. He did extremely well afterward though and needed extra cuddling. He was fussy the day after, probably angry at his sore legs. The third day after he was his smiley self as if nothing had ever happened. Shots, doctor? What was that?

Ceiling fans are hours of entertainment. As are hands! Car rides are sleep inducing.


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