Things to Remember – 3rd and 4th Month

At his 3 month checkup, Xander weighed in at 14lbs and 6oz. He was 24 inches long. His head measured in the 90th percentile. Oh my growing weed!

This laughing occurs more frequently with tiny baby squeals in the mix. Makes a moms heart melt and jump with glee.

He started to stand… with the help of others of course. He refuses to sit on anyone’s lap, he wants you to hold him up in a standing position. He goes very stiff so you cannot put him down. If you do he will let you know how he feels about the situation. In a very loud way.

October 22nd he rolled over by himself for the first time. However, just like any milestone for him. Once it is done he is  finished with doing it again anytime soon. Until several days later on the 27th. I put him in the crib because he was throwing a fit. I left the room to go to the bathroom. I come back and he had rolled over. I totally missed it!

He is starting to sit up by himself for a few moments before toppling over. Work those core muscles! At the same time he has learned how to blow lots of drooly bubbly raspberries in my face. Too cute!


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