You’ve Got to Start Somewhere!

My fatloss journey is an extremely slow albeit ongoing and steady progress. I get constantly frustrated with the lack of changes I see everyday in the mirror. The scale does indeed show a different number almost weekly and for the better… However, I see the face of someone who hasn’t changed one iota. When I look in the mirror I honestly see something that couldn’t possibly be me. The fat girl. I am a very visual person and while numbers are very telling a picture to me speaks volumes. So during one of Xander’s afternoon naps I decided I needed to see a difference and thus the photo you see above was thrown together! The one on the left was taken at my all time heaviest in 2010 pre-Xander. The one on the right was taken Thursday of this week. When I saw these put together I couldn’t help but smile! While though I still see the girl on the right needing a lot of work to do still… I am happy to say that I am HAPPY about the progress so far! This is 30lbs lost right here! The belt I wear needs to be replaced soon as it is getting entirely too long, the shirts I wear are still okay, just comfortably loose, and my jeans are fine as long as I throw them in the dryer to shrink up. I haven’t had to purchase any new clothes so far so perhaps once I have to do that it will really sink in that I have indeed lost weight.

The photo speaks loud to me though. Very loud. And I am thrilled to continue on this path of becoming a healthier, happy, more energetic me. I have to work hard at it. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING worth achieving ain’t easy. I have my days where I just want to say forget this, it isn’t worth it. Then I step on the scale and the number is once more smaller or I find myself floating off that high after a good workout, or best of all I find myself in a game of chase with my little boy who is giggling and crawling away trying to entice me to come and get him and I am reminded: yes, this is SO worth it. I am worth it. 

30lbs loss! Yipee!!

So what am I doing to try to achieve these goals? Hard work I tell ya! I have actually joined two places to work out. One is Golds Gym and a simple express membership. The gym is a very bare bones gym. During these days I mostly run on the treadmill whilst zoning out to some music. While I am there, it is time for a bit of escapism. The second place I have joined is going to become my second home away from home I do believe. It is the Richmond Kettlebell Club right here in Richmond! I have come to love kettlebells on my own since I started this journey and I finally said “What the Heck!” to joining a place like RKC. I am extremely glad I pushed back my timidness to take this step forward and got rid of the stupid idea that I needed to already lose a certain amount of weight to join. While I have learned some kettlebells by watching some amazing instructors such as Lauren Brooks and Tracy Reifkind there is NOTHING better than having someone right beside you to help you with every move you make. I would have never known for instance that my spine wasn’t all the way neutral during a swing thanks to my head always looking forward. I would have continued to swing incorrectly. With RKC’s help I have improved (and will continue to improve) upon form. I still hate get ups though. They are the bane of my existence. I know as I continue training/practicing I will be the bane of their existence. Each morning I wake up from having a class the previous day I feel muscles that I never knew existed. Kettlebells are it I tell you. The running I do is out of necessity and active recovery while the kettlebells are my one true love.

Working out is a big part of it but also eating right. THIS is where I am a flip flopper at best. Some days I do extremely well and other days like today I splurge on chocolate brownies and the batter to boot! While I try to keep my splurgings to the weekend I do keep a diary of my food on MyFitnessPal. I look at some of the things I eat now especially on a day in which I might go over just by fifty calories and ask myself “What on Gods green earth was I eating before all this?!” I had to have eaten well over 2500 calories a day, every day to maintain the weight I was and eat more than to gain some too! It is sickening to know what I ate before watching the numbers. I have also cut back on all sweet soda’s. I keep packets of Stevia in my diaper bag and get unsweetened tea wherever I go and sweeten it with the Stevia. Coffee is the same.  I have tried to eat more vegetables and lean meats. I wish I had the power to go Paleo/Primal but I do like my pasta too much, not to mention I don’t believe my husband would appreciate that diet!

With hard work, determination, support from my family (big thanks to my mom and husband who watch Xander while I go to the gym!), and my little boy…. I have GOT this! Fat, you are going DOWN!

Here’s to thirty more pounds, and thirty more pounds after that, and thirty more pounds after that thirty!

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


One thought on “You’ve Got to Start Somewhere!

  1. You’re right, Dena, the pictures say it all! I have to say how much I admire all the hard work you’ve put into your fitness routines because as someone who struggles with discipline daily (in various aspects of life), I’m not sure I’d have the same willpower. You’re definitely an inspiration. 🙂

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