Happy 60th Momma!

Today is my moms birthday. I cannot believe that she is turning 60! To me her skin looks much like my own at 30. She may feel some aches and pains of age but to me when I see her play with Xander she appears more like a peer of 30 than of someone who can probably now take the benefits of senior discounts.

My mom is not just a mom. I do not know when that transition happened. As a young girl and teenager I loved being with my mom… but I also knew she was my mom. She was the one that would make do something I didn’t want to do, or say no, or set a curfew. She did her job as a mom awesomely, albeit in a teenagers mind probably too strictly. But sometime in college my mom became much more than just someone who birthed me and gave me restrictions and a house full of love. She gave me all that and something that will be forever priceless: friendship. We did everything together! I love and still love going out to lunch with her. Shopping with her. Laughing with her. Watching hoarders with her and gasping and gagging at the grossness on the tv screen. I love it when we decide to make breakfast together and she makes her red eye gravy for biscuits. I love it when she hugs me. I love it when we go to busy craft fairs. I love her house during Christmas and how crazy decorated it is.  And I love how she has become such an amazing grandma to Xander. Watching her gives me just insight on how much she loved me and my brother. I love watching how Xander snuggles up into her lap and rests his head on her shoulder (he rarely does that to me!).

I am thankful for my best friend, my mom. She goes above and beyond to help me when I need it. To encourage me and support me. She watches Xander almost everyday so I can go to the gym. If I am sick or feeling bad she will watch him so I can rest or sleep. She will watch him if I need to go somewhere like a doctors appointment. And not only will she watch him, but I usually come home with laundry in the washing machine and dishes clean and put away. She doesn’t have to do this. I do not ask her to do this (except for the babysitting), but she does it. Why? She says she likes to help. I think the reason why she does it is because she is just an amazing, loving, and caring person. It is in her nature. I have never met anyone like her before. I do not look at her just through the eyes of a daughter, but through the eyes of someone who knows how grand and beautiful her soul is. She is just a beautiful person through and through.

Happy 60th momma. I love you so very much. Xander does too!


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