Rainy Day + Sickly Mom

So what do you do with a 16 month old boy when as the mom you are at the end of fighting Pneumonia and the world outside your doors just battled a Hurricane named Sandy?

I had no idea to be honest. However this is how our day went:

Wake up at 9am. Yay, My little early bird woke up later. It’s as if he knew his mom was still needing the extra rest. Breakfast was our usual: grapes, strawberries, eggs. I did add pizzazz to the eggs by adding cheese and ham. Xman gobbled that stuff up like it was ambrosia. After breakfast I turned on Youtube (we have it set up on our PS3) and started to listen to music. I busted out all his instruments and we began to sing, dance, drum, and rattle away the hours until right before lunch where I had this GENIUS idea for sensory play with noodles. HMM. hmm. Genius. Not so much.


This sensory play lasted about three minutes before noodles went flying. Xander decided he wanted to fling/flip them from the spoon. I was none to pleased about crawling around trying to find noodles under the couch, entertainment center, behind the sub woofer  and amongst all his toys. After cleaning up the mess it was nearing lunch. I decided to make something special and together Xander and I made chocolate chip waffles! He totally enjoyed them and I enjoyed describing what I was doing and having him watch. He even helped with added chocolate chips… though he managed to also eat a few. Oops.



After Xander and I finished our lunch I busted out the noodles again. This time I added them to a mason jar with a squirt of paint and Xander had a blast shaking it like a rattle and spinning it around. He had such a look of concentration on his face the whole time.



After playing with that for awhile I decided to paint proof him… and do the mostest bestest thing in the world: PAINT! He had a blast! (Though he did start screaming his head off when he realized the blue paint didn’t taste as good as he had hoped.)



After painting I asked Xander to help clean up. I gave him a small bowl of warm water and he put his hands in the water and started rubbing his hands together to get the paint off. The guache fell off into tiny flecks and amused him further. So what was to be a hand washing activity came water play! I added more paint to change the colors of the water. He had a good time splashing himself (and me).



Once we cleaned up it was naptime! He was hugging me the whole time I wandered aimlessly in the kitchen cleaning up everything. My little boy has learned one thing and that’s affection. There is nothing better than feeling a hug around my legs. It is such a random act that melts my heart!

Now that I have done everything this morning though, I wonder what I will be doing after naptime. Uh oh!

A good day.


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