A Year is Almost Here

Xander is sleeping. A simple sentence but if you only knew what we have had to go through to get that child to nap these past 11 months the simple sentence speaks volumes. Lately he has been able to go down for a nap while still awake. For the longest time I had to rock him or grandma had to rock him to sleep THEN gently and ever so quietly put him into the crib. Even then the thought of him sleeping past 20 or 30 minutes was mind boggling. Lately he has slept an hour or longer in his crib and with zero help in doing so. It is nice. Xander sleeps and I play.

He is almost a year old. On the 21st he will have gone through 365 days of sleep, play, eat, poop, pee, giggles, tears, more giggles, and life. Such little time, but oh what fullness and joy he has given me and my soul! His eyes. Oh Lord, his eyes. They pierce me and keep me honest. Humble. Those big blue saucers of purity.

He isn’t walking yet but I believe he is contemplating it. He has a push walker that he enjoys wandering the living room floor with, as well as a walker he sits in that he enjoys zooming around in the kitchen. He loves climbing and getting into anything and everything that he shouldn’t. He laughs at NO. Giggles at NO. Smiles and mocks you at NO. I have had to grab his hand and slap it ever so to ensure that he knows I mean business. He simply scoffs at me and giggles as if it tickled. Do I have a little Puck growing up under my roof? I do believe I do. It is hard not to laugh at his antics. Though he must learn. Laughing defeats the whole purpose behind the word NO.  I guess I will learn someday not to smile and laugh at him. One day his curiosities may not end up in giggles but in tears, and thus the great need of the knowing and understanding of NO is muchly needed.

So much joy that boy brings me and his father. He loves to tell jokes. Sometimes he will sit, staring off into the distance babbling, shake his head, start to laugh and throw up his hands and watch for our reaction. He is a storyteller for sure. I cannot wait to know the punchline.

I pray for another glorious giggle filled blue eyed soul enchanting 365 days (and then some!) with my Xman. His superpowers are many!


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