Xander, the Artist!

As someone who was practically born with a crayon in her hand, majored in art, taught high school art, and then worked in a paint your own pottery studio at one point – I have a massively large appreciation to art. Not just viewing and enjoying art that way, but also the act of creating art. Art to me is extremely cathartic. I hope that I can let Xander experience all varieties of art in his life spanning from painting, photography, to music, and dance.

With that in mind, I wanted to start early! Here is photographic evidence of that day. 🙂



He has also been to my previous place of work, All Fired Up, to paint as well. He was much more interested in eating the paintbrush at this age, but it was fun none the less! And my husband and I get to keep the memories and keepsakes which is beyond priceless!


This will not be the last of messy artsy fun for us! I want my child to know art and to respect art and to always be encouraged to create big and dream big!


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