Things to Remember – 9th and 10th Month

You’re probably wondering… well, what happened to 7 and 8 months? Did nothing happen? I am sure it did, I just honestly do not remember nor is it written down anywhere. Either here or in a physical hard copy journal I keep for milestones. He was happy. That is all that really needs to be known about those months!

During his 9th month checkup he weighed in at 22.5lbs and was 29.5 inches long. His head has somehow miraculously gotten larger and is now in the 95th percentile. Oh my little big headed child, how I love thee!

Xander had his first true cold at 9 months. It was horrible at night. Tons of body fluids pouring from such a tiny nose. He hated having the snot being sucked out but it had to be done. He always seemed happier AFTERWARD as if he realized he could breathe but during the process was sheer torture. The cold really messed up his sleeping habits too. Prior to the cold he slept through the night. Needed only a little bit of cuddling to get to sleep before being put into the crib partially awake. During naps I was able to simply put him into the crib, no rocking, and he would eventually play himself to sleep, or even cry for just a minute. After his cold however, since we spoiled him by rocking him to sleep with both naps and nighttime sleep he has not wanted to simply be put into the crib anymore. Not without a fight. Lets see how long that lasts!

Sometimes with his sleep though, I honestly believe that he is just too happy about life that he does not want to sleep it away. He also wishes to share this happiness by waking us up to come join him in his carpe diem attitude.

I have said Xander loves music right? Well starting around 9 months, when the credits roll on a television show and the music begins he will rock back and forth and smile real big. It’s as if he is dancing. Futurama is a favorite.

10 months: Yep… he is dancing now. Now that he can pull up onto furniture and walk along the edge of anything he can get his hands on, if any music comes on he will squat up and down, wiggle his butt and squeal with delight as he dances and grooves to the music. It can honestly be anything. Even NPR classical! He will sometimes look back at you to see if you are watching and noticing. If you are it excites him and he starts dancing more. Sometimes we clap for him and he goes crazy with the dancing. It is honestly just one of the many cute things he does!

Also, can you tell I am smitten?

Started Crawling March 1, 2012


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