Things to Remember – 5th and 6th Month

At 5 months my little weed is now 18.5lbs and 26 inches long. His head? Still 90th percentile and big.

At 5.5 months he can completely sit up on his own without toppling over. We have begun putting him in restaurant highchairs and shopping carts. I am a wee bit of a germ freak so I use a shopping cart cover for both. I love knowing I am doing a small step protecting Xander from Lord knows what. Not to mention it makes the chairs and cart just a wee bit cushion-y. And shouldn’t his cute tush be comfortable? I say yes.

6 month Check up he is 20lbs, 26.5 inches long with still an awesome sized melon!

Xanders first Christmas was great. He loved being around family. He is my social butterfly for sure. However I got sick with pneumonia so I did not allow myself to hold or cuddle Xander for a week or so after Christmas. I was worried he would catch it. Thankfully he did not but he did get his first little cough which I do believe comes from the dry air with the heat on. Once we purchased a humidifier he was all back to normal.

January 5th – A tooth! A tooth! There hasn’t been any fussing at all except at night. Lots of drool. I do believe if we combined all teething babies of the world we could create a lake.

January 16th – Another TOOTH! He now has a two tooth smile!

Honestly my child is the happiest baby in the world. He cannot stop smiling and giggling. He has begun to get up on all fours now. No crawling. He does this funny little rocking back and forth as if he is trying. If he rocks too much he face plants. Xander takes it well and does it again.




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